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Some of you have heard, but it bears repeating.  Two of our favorite men, Rex and Colin, went to Kenya and Uganda recently.  There wa big confusion early on because the original plans fell through.  It would have been super easy for Rex and Colin to either get extremely upset or become hopeless, but in true irony, GOD had other plans.  The boys stopped in to see our lovely children who are visibly doing much better. Bonnie, for example, who was hardly walkinin February was running around playing soccer with the kids two weeks ago.  All of this is due to GOD's grace and the consistent donations towards Herat4Africa.  We have been able to keep a fully stocke, well balanced fridge.  Colin said the kids have doubled in size, and everyone smiles as they play.  Honestly, this alone is enough of a miracle considering the state of our kids only six months ago.  The mere fact that they can all play together with energy and excitement is an honest act of GOD.

After the joy of our kids in Kenya, Rex and Colin flew to Uganda.  They were ableto speak and inspirelovely Ugandan teenagers at their youth camp.  One of my favorite stories is about how Jaida (one of our favorite Ugandan teens) saw Colin from far off and ran full speed to say HI.  Heart4Africa trades friendship and inspiration with kids all over East Africa.  While in Uganda Rex and Colin were able to speak to thousands of people, and Rex was able to share GOD's healing power with his audience as well.  It was a spectacular trip that exhausted the boys (and beleive me, that is HARD to do...but all things are possible with GOD).  :)  The boys came back a few days early, and a whole line of dreams and excitement has followed.  More to come,*


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