Heart 4 Africa is so delighted that you have come for a visit!  This is our attempt to update you on your sponsored child and their life in Nairobi, Kenya. We are excited about the success of our recent Destination Kenya 2008 trip and hope that you can become one of our partners in changing the world for one child.  

With our gratitude,

Mike and Annette Biggers


GREETINGS FROM UGANDA!! - 10.01.2009in: main

Greetings from Uganda!!

We are having a blast and have enjoyed every moment God has given us on
this trip.  We were greeted with running children who almost knocked us
down with their affections.  Cyprus was the first one to run out of the
house and plant a hug around my knees.  Then following was the remainder
of the kids screaming and laughing as they embraced each of us.  They were
so happy and I could barely recognize some of them because of their
growth.  Remember shy Moses??  Well he is as sociable as Bonniface.  He
sings in the choir and dances!!!  really??!!  There was so much singing,
dancing and laughter that Jennifer asked us if it was ALWAYS a party
around the home.  She was amazed at the kids' enthusiasm.

We have learned many things and God has spoken to our hearts regarding
"What next?" and we are anxious to share it with all of you.  We were so
inspired when we met up with Daryn Kagan.  She introduced us to my new
hero Kate Fletcher founder of Hekemah which is an orphanage for girls in
Karen near Nairobi.  Daryn is composing 5 stories and said that the first
one will be airing on her website first this past Monday.  You can get a
glimpse of our desires by watching some of her stories and we'll fill you
in when we return.

Colin and I gave an all-day seminar to the newest Ugandan entrepreneurs on
Tuesday and they have asked us to come back Thursday for more.  We had a
class of 15 to start and as the day went on more and more people kept
showing up.  They will each receive an SLR camera, lenses and flashes to
begin their new business.  Tomorrow we will teach a Photoshop class and
business class.  They are like sponges and teaching them is such a
fulfilling experience.

Rex has had another life changing trip and everywhere he speaks they take
up an offering for him and the people give so much.  Rex always gives it
back to the church however last night they insisted he keep it.  He took
us and 2 of our choir girls out to a nice dinner.  We have witnessed many
healings and changed lives.  I was helping him pray last night and my hand
was on this woman's upper back and I felt a big bump as hard as a rock.
Rex was praying for her request which had to do with her husband and when
he finished he said, "Do you have pain in your upper back?" she started
crying and said yes.  He prayed and when she said "I am healed" I felt the
"rock" completely turn to soft tissue and disappear. She cried as she
returned to her seat.  Nothing surprises me anymore!

We are daily blown away by the wisdom and teaching of our friend Jennifer
Curtet'.  See her website at www.jennifercurtet.com.  I can't think of a
better person for our ministry here in Uganda.  Imagine the famous John C.
Maxwell in a woman's body!!  That is Jennifer. She is absolutely
beautiful, intellectually challenging and exactly what the universities
here need.

Ludovick (Jennifer's husband) is our nutritionist and health manager.  He
is a genious and we constantly stay up until all hours of the night
listening and picking his brain.  He is running with Rex every morning and
teaching guitar lessons to the kids at night.  I told him this morning
that we were going to make a speaker and teacher out of him yet!! He has
been such a strength to our team and we have enjoyed him so much.

Mike is famous here and you can always hear people yelling "It's Uncle
Mike!"  We constantly meet new people and they say something like, "Oh I
have heard of "Uncle Mike" but I'm not familiar with any of you." haha It
makes us laugh because of the number of occurences.  We feel so "second
fiddle" around him!!  He has showered the children with his love and
affections and we witness emotional healing daily.  He takes them to the
store and buys them soda and plays games and lets them sit on his lap
during the church meetings.  He is truly an inspiration to everyone.
Charlene played cards with nearly all of the choir boys and had such a
great time.  Daniel accompanied Rex to the inner city and experienced his
first "speaking engagement".  Colin is traveling with Rex today and we'll
see them back tomorrow.  They are appearing on a radio show and visiting a
hospital for HIV aids children.

We are not too excited that our trip is coming to an end soon but it seems
that we have had 5 years worth of amazing and enriching life experiences.
God has again put us in awe of Him.

Many hugs and lot's of appreciation on behalf of our entire team,


PS. please put us daily in your prayers as we have again made our enemy
very angry!  We covet every one of your prayers.

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WHEN GOD SPEAKS - 07.09.2008in: main

Some of you have heard, but it bears repeating.  Two of our favorite men, Rex and Colin, went to Kenya and Uganda recently.  There wa big confusion early on because the original plans fell through.  It would have been super easy for Rex and Colin to either get extremely upset or become hopeless, but in true irony, GOD had other plans.  The boys stopped in to see our lovely children who are visibly doing much better. Bonnie, for example, who was hardly walkinin February was running around playing soccer with the kids two weeks ago.  All of this is due to GOD's grace and the consistent donations towards Herat4Africa.  We have been able to keep a fully stocke, well balanced fridge.  Colin said the kids have doubled in size, and everyone smiles as they play.  Honestly, this alone is enough of a miracle considering the state of our kids only six months ago.  The mere fact that they can all play together with energy and excitement is an honest act of GOD.

After the joy of our kids in Kenya, Rex and Colin flew to Uganda.  They were ableto speak and inspirelovely Ugandan teenagers at their youth camp.  One of my favorite stories is about how Jaida (one of our favorite Ugandan teens) saw Colin from far off and ran full speed to say HI.  Heart4Africa trades friendship and inspiration with kids all over East Africa.  While in Uganda Rex and Colin were able to speak to thousands of people, and Rex was able to share GOD's healing power with his audience as well.  It was a spectacular trip that exhausted the boys (and beleive me, that is HARD to do...but all things are possible with GOD).  :)  The boys came back a few days early, and a whole line of dreams and excitement has followed.  More to come,*


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IT'S NEVER JUST A PARTY... - 07.08.2008in: main

Heart4Africa joined in to celebrate Colin Bigger's 21st birthday, and Colin shared the spotlight with two of our wonderful friends: Francis and Martin.  It is the first trip to America for both of these men, and I was very interested to know what they thought.  We opened up topcis such as marriage with the massive difference between American divorce rates and uganda divorce rates.  We talked about efficiency at the expense of relationships.  All conversations I wish I could sum up in a nut shell, but I can't.  Instead I am extending an invitation to you into these conversations; instead of sharing the interesting details, joyful common ground, helpful understandings, and happy friendships I want you to create your own.  Join with Heawrt4Africa in these friendships, come meet these men (and our other friends to come), shake their hands, listen to their stories, and remember their hearts and faces forever.

It is AMAZING to sit with friends and talk with no expectations.  Well...ok, I'll tell you one story..!  But only because I cannot help myself:  One of the men remarked on how much he admired the efficiency of America; he liked that we got things done.  He said, "In Uganda this would never happen because your neighbors always stop in."  I laughed because I remember sitting in the kitchen for HOURS with my roommates and friends, sometimes until the lights turned off, just talking.  You can never ask your guests to leave in Uganda, it is rude.  Our friend looked at me as I laughed and I remarked that was one of my favorite things about Uganda...and I miss it here.  I explained that here it can be VERY hard to maintain relationships because of our busy schedules.  I don't think our friend had considered that before; we agreed eventually that our countries have their own strengths and weakness.  

Conversations like these are so fulfilling because it is simply two brains and hearts coming together to shake hands...no alternative motive, agenda to complete, or greed anywhere.   My other favorite conversations include our kids and our dreams to make them the princes and princesses they were born to be.  We sit around talking about how little they once were and how beautiful they are now a few years later.  I always leave wanting to jump on a plane right that second.  Mike, Annette, I have had Africa in every thought since last night.  Lucky Colin will be returning to Africa later this month (SO jealous)..!


Please join us at any public events and meet two incredible men who will change your hearts and outlook.  Their schedule is below



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MWANGAZA SPRINKLES JOY..! - 07.05.2008in: main


Anybody ever heard of Mwangaza..?  If you have any relationship at all with me, Annette, or Mike you practically know them personally..!  Mwangaza is a children’s ministry from Uganda; they are a part of Africa Renewal Ministries and Mike, Annette, and I have worked with them for a few years.  The children train like Olympic athletes, and fly to western countries to perform.  Your mouth will hit the floor when you see them.  Watching and listening to them makes you understand a new sort of joy; their lifestyles at home have equipped them with a simplistic hope.  They can see GOD daily where many Americans fail to see beyond the “big picture.”  These kids can identify GOD’s work in their lives where many Americans would claim a “coincident.”  They smiles, laughter, hugs, greetings, and jokes are all examples of GOD’s mercy, grace, and compassion. 


They come from humble beginnings, but have been empowered and encouraged to do big things.  Their stories belong on Opera, CNN, and/or a prize-winning novel, and their futures are bright because of the GOD’s purpose.  They are a testament to GOD overcoming all odds, and HIS choice to use the forgotten to accomplish HIS revolution.  The reason these kids spark change everywhere they go is not simply because they are from Africa (the forgotten land).  The western world sees dozens of advertisements and campaign adds from NGOs and non-profits everyday about the poverty and broken state of Africa.  However, out of numbness or disbelief, we have changed the channel, hit mute, or turned our faces.  When Mwangaza comes, shakes your hand, hugs you, and smiles back at you with their beating hearts in front of you the reality of their success is absolute.  They can tell you in their own words with no translator, and it hits you like a ton of bricks. 


I have yet to meet one individual come away from a Mwangaza show indifferent.  Every one changes.  They do not change from guilt, like the television adds promote, or from badgering, like the peer pressure campaigns…they change because the GOD’s power stares back at them from these kids.  If there is an opportunity in your area to see an international group than you should put it on your schedule and bring friends because the experience is priceless.  And don’t leave right afterwards, stick around and force yourself to shake some hands.  It will feel like going to Disneyland as a child; you see your favorite Disney character walking up ahead and you want to go shake their hand, but you are nervous.  Your mother pushes you because she wants a photo for the embarrassing photo wall at home.  Eventually she convinces you, or does it for you, and afterwards you spend the rest of the day gabbing about how awesome it was.  Shaking a child’s hand is the same way; you will gab forever about how different that experience because you are not shaking the hand of indifference, you are shaking an honest, innocent hand.



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GOD'S GRACE - 20.04.2008in: main

GOD's grace is sufficient for us.  GOD's grace pours over us.  GOD's grace saves us.  Common phrases.  

Not very often is it recognized that GOD's grace is also HIS provision.  HE feeds us, as the birds of the air and flowers of the field.  HE gives us the desires of our hearts, as a doting FATHER.  HE loves us with pure unconditional passion for each of us.  HE answers the calls of HIS children with faithfulness and righteousness.  All these things are expressions of HIS grace poured out in love.  

No amount of human activity or agency could spark a revolution like HIS.  The body of CHRIST moves in humility, with fervent power and divine authority; no other movement compares.  

Mike, Annette, and I got an email from Ingrid (rocking-est project manager ever) with a few snap shots of GOD's grace for our kids.  Check these out:

A greater volume of food than these kids have ever seen before...


We thought Geoffrey lost his smile...dreams and hope put the SPIRIT back inside kids..!


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